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Thursday, October 16th, 2008 07:42 am
Because it has occurred to me that I ought perhaps to have one, I am tossing up a wishlist. Skulls indicate it has been tried and loved and more is spiffy.


* Arcana (Bewitching Brews)
* Bastet (Excolo)
* Dragon's Blood (Ars Draconis)
* Imp (Diabolus)
* Jack (Bewitching Brews)
* Kabuki (Ars Amatoria)
* Malediction (Sin & Salvation)
* Persephone (Excolo)
* Snake Oil (Ars Amatoria)
* Sudha Segara (Bewitching Brews)
* Tweedledee (Mad Tea Party)
* Vixen (Ars Amatoria)

Unimpable GCs
* Agnes Nutter (Good Omens)
* Famine (Good Omens)
* Pollution (Good Omens)
* Spider (The Carousel)

* Carceri D'invenzione (Salon I)
* Cloister Graveyard in the Snow (Salon I)
* La Mort Qui Danse (Salon II)
* Silence (Salon I)
* SP: Death Adder (Carnaval Diabolique III)
* SP: Saw-Scaled Viper (Carnaval Diabolique III)
* Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid (Carnaval Diabolique III)
* Three Gorgons (Salon II)
* Tiresias, the Androgyne (Carnaval Diabolique III)
* Two Monsters (Salon I)
* Xanthe, the Weeping Clown (Carnaval Diabolique II)
* The Wild Men of Jezirat al Tennyn (Carnaval Diabolique III)

Lost in the mists of time
* most of the Carnaval Noir (to wit; Bearded Lady, Bed of Nails, Freak Show, Geek, Gypsy Queen, House of Mirrors, Midway, Shill, or Snake Charmer)
* Ah'Duno (Convergence XIII Meet'N'Sniff)
* Aries (Celestials: March 21 - April 19)
* Bad Luck Woman Blues
* The Bloody Sword (Order of the Dragon)
* Dr. John Seward (Order of the Dragon)
* Holiday Moon
* La Vita Nuova (Lupercalia 2008)
* Lex Talionis (disc. GC)
* Longing (Lupercalia 2008)
* Neo-Tokyo (disc. GC)
* Night Thoughts (Lupercalia 2008)
* The Presence of Love (Lupercalia 2008)
* The Tell-Tale Heart
* Three Witches (disc. GC)
* To Helen (Lupercalia 2008)
* Trick 2 (Trick or Treat Inquisition 2006)

Not Technically Perfume But You Know
* any pitch cards from Acts I, II, or III of the Carnaval Diabolique except Candy Butcher and Theodosius the Legerdemain
* empties of the Carnaval Noir except Fire Eater, Kunstkammer, or Medicine Show (to wit; Bearded Lady, Bed of Nails, Freak Show, Geek, Gypsy Queen, House of Mirrors, Midway, Shill, Snake Charmer, or Torture King)
Good Judy
* (Agua que Calma)
* Androgyne
* Black Jaguar
* Bruised Soul
* Burn'n Love
* Cheap Thrills
* Dhole
* Fetish
* Fire
* (Fleur-de-lis)
* (Fuzzy Cuffs)
* Genderf*ck
* Giant Panda
* Hot Jazz
* (Jacob's Ladder)
* Java Judy
* (Just A Simple Crush)
* Lava Rocket
* Lick It If You Like It
* Mea'n Fo'mhair
* (Mephitic Vapors)
* Mordent
* Pickled Punk
* Polar Bear
* Seme
* Shameful Secret
* Siggster
* Steam
* Stinging Velvet
* Turn Me Out
* Virginia Big-Eared Bat
* Wendigo Heart
Arcana Soaps
* Haint
* Mutiny
* Zombie's Cucumber
Cobalt Blends
* Cognac Embers
* Mollie's Monsters
* Noctilucent
* Pfeffernusse Babies
* Spiced Cranmallow
* Stained Glass
Conjure Oils
* Mischief In Laced Boots
The Midsummer Muse
* Ghost of the Virgin Bride
* Lisbon Seaport
* Dragon's Fire (massage oil)
Poison Apple
* Aphrodite's Love Elixir
* Gwyllion
* Pumpkin Coach
* Scorned
* Town Lush
* 101
* Anna May
* Aix Rated
* Belle Marie
* Clementine Spice Tea
* Maya
* Nochisan
* Penelope
* Remedy
Wylde Ivy
* Amber Chai
* Black Patch
* Black Tobacco
* Ember
ZOMG Smells
* Adrenal Gland
* Earth and Heaven
* Four Seasons In Mighty Contention on Trivial Matters
* Green Knight
* Lola's New Dress
* Marmalade Tabby
* Scooter
* Seagull Eating a Starfish
* Spacebat
* Tom Kha
* Vory v Zakony


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