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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 02:07 pm
Prices in $US; shipping is $2.50 within Canada, $3 to the States, and $4.50 everywhere else. indicates that the bottle has been tested cleanly if at all, or that the imp hasn't been tested.

If you prefer, I can mail your items as a Small Packet, which has coverage, extensive packaging, and is required if you want tracking/delivery confirmation. I know it's a PITA, and I'm sorry, but it is the way of Canada Post. This runs:
* $7 to $10 for Canada, depending on province (I know)
* $7.50 for the States
* $9 for elsewhere.

PayPal to torrain@rogers.com, please.

I'm selling off my friend's imps for her (she has more than enough hassle to deal with at the moment). Some of them have been tested, some haven't; all are at least a couple of years old. All the imps are full to at least two-thirds up the label. Struck-out imps have been bought; I'm leaving them up so I can track how much I owe her. Pics of any and all of these available upon request.

Antony - $1.50
Asphodel - $2
Belle Époque - $1.50
Black Lotus - $1.50
The Black Tower - $1.50
Brisingamen - $1.50
Centzon Totochtin - $1.50
Chuparosa - $1.50
Darkness - $1 (gunk on label)
Delirium - $1.50
Delight - $1.50
Delphi - $1.50
The Dormouse - $1.50
Dragon's Bone - $1.50
Dragon's Hide - $1.50
Dragon's Musk - $1.50
Dragon's Tears - $1.50

Eos - $1.50
Fae - $1.50
Fae - $1 (awful label)
Fenris Wolf - $1.50
Florence - $1.50
Gomorrah - $1.50
Himerus - $1.50
Kumiho - $1.50
La Belle Dame Sans Merci - $1.50
La Petite Mort - $1.50
Loviatar - $1.50
Marie - $1.50
Mata Hari - $1.50
Midnight - $1.50
New Orleans - $1.50
Nyarlathotep - $1.50
Old Paris - $2 (yes, really, Old Paris)
Omen - $1.50
Pannychis - $1.50
Penny Dreadful - $1.50
Perversion - $1.50
Poisoned Apple - $1.50
Santo Domingo - $1.50
Scarecrow - $1.50
Scherezade - $1.50
Seraphim - $1.50
Silk Road - $1.50
Siren - $1.50
Siren - $1.50
Suspiro - $1.50
Tezcatlipoca - $1.50
Thalia - $1.50
Thanatos - $1.50
Tiger Lily - $2.50
Tintagel - $1.50
Titus Andronicus - $1.50

Velvet - $1.50
Venice - $1.50
Versailles - $1.50
Wrath - $1.50

Y'Ha-Nthlei - $1.50
Yerevan - $2.50
Zorya - $1.50

Special! Unopened imp pack of the four anniversary scents from the 2007 anniversary release; Blood Phoenix, Green Phoenix, Mechanical Phoenix, and White Phoenix. Picked up from one of my earliest decant circles, and never tested. $10

5ml bottle of Nuit, 2/3 full - $9
5ml bottle of Phantom, full, stained label - $14
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

* Buggre Alle This Bible - 30% (Good Omens) - $6 Sold

* Cytherea - 60% (Carnaval Diabolique IV) - $12
  White sandalwood, patchouli, white amber, orris, bourbon vanilla, champaca flower, and kush.

* The Contract of Theophilus of Adana - 65% (Carnaval Diabolique V) - $13 Sold

* Shrunken Heads - 1/16" below top of label (Carnaval Diabolique V) - $16 Sold

* White Phoenix - full backup bottle (2007 Anniversary) - $26
  Frangipani, magnolia, cotton flower, osmanthus, crystal musk, ambrette, white orchid, sugar cane, davana, white sandalwood, petitgrain, lavender, and lotus root.

Conjure Oils
Note that all Conjure Oil bottles have reducer caps

* Punkin' Head - 30% (Halloween 2009) - $5
  Juicy, spicy pumpkin blended in with adorable creamy bits of cheesecake slathered in caramel sauce.

* Mausoleum - 25% (All-Hallows Resurrected 2009) - $4.50
  The dusty stillness of the afterlife: emerald moss, black orchids, cold stones and holy water.

Violette Market

* White Petal - Opened to sniff, straight from VM (Tea House) - $14
  Green tea leaves, Moroccan jasmine petals, and a hint of organic orange-flower honey.

* Diablo Canyon Cemetary - 20% (Diablo Canyon 2009) - $3.50
  Sun-bleached bone, white sandalwood, golden amber, autumnal spices, coriander, wind-worn wooden coffins, sandy desert grave loam, and dried yellow leaves.

Unless otherwise specified, these are all imps I decanted during the Hallowe'en 2009 circles for the Violette Market and Conjure Oils limited editions, and they are all $3 each.

x1 Black Flowers, Violet Ribbons
- A shriveled bouquet of jet-black blossoms: rose, poppy, hollyhock and lily, Victorian funeral incense, dust and hopeless decay.
x3 Spectral - Ghostly black locust blossoms, white amber, pallid musk, sweet myrrh and vanilla flowers.
x3 Calavera de Azúcar 2009 - Muscovado sugar, royal icing and meringue powder with a slight hint of metaphysical white musk.
x1 Hänsel und Gretel 2009 - A gingerbread house decorated with spice drops and butter cream frosting. The faint smell of a witch's brew filling the enchanted woods and roaring cook stove perfect for roasting a greedy little boy or girl.
x4 Jenny Greenteeth 2009 - A maniacal mixture of marsh water, bladderwrack, spanish moss, decaying wood and swamp rose.
x3 Mausoleum 2009 - The dusty stillness of the afterlife: emerald moss, black orchids, cold stones and holy water.
x1 Sweet Death 2009 - An orgasmic Ménage à trois of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and cocoa absolute merging with three vanillas, balsam peru, osmanthus and sexy musk.
x3 Bag of Bones - Two very dry ambers, scorched-sweet sandalwood, aged vanilla husk, faint clouds of dusty desert air, golden spices, one smiling skull, and one lone bullet.
x2 Diablo Canyon Cemetary - Sun-bleached bone, white sandalwood, golden amber, autumnal spices, coriander, wind-worn wooden coffins, sandy desert grave loam, and dried yellow leaves.
x1 Diablo Skull partial $1 - Dusty vanilla sugar from the General Store, smoky caramel, dark coffee, sweet cocoa, blonde tobacco, rich brown sugar, blue musk, cedarwood, and dry desert spices.

Testable Empties
Bottles with enough oil to test and pretty labels--who says that's not part of the appeal? $0.25 each, or one free with every bottle or imp from the list above.

* The Gaoler's Daughter - BPAL - (Wind in the Willows 2008)
  Gardenia, neroli, and white peach with vanilla amber, cream, and honey.

* Butter Rum Cookie - BPAL - (Yule 2008)
  Rum-soaked butter cookies, crusted with sugar, soaked in almond and garnished with orange rind.


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