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Friday, October 12th, 2007 11:54 pm
*Was* feeling better.

After not getting to sleep until at least 2:00, woke up at 5:30 with screamingly sore throat. Drank heated Gatorade and took painkillers. Fell asleep until 9:00, when I needed to be woken up twice. Stuffed head, tender scrapey non-functional throat, intermittent coughing up of muck, breaking a sweat at the insupportable exertion of walking three blocks...

Went to work. No, I don't know either. Mostly kept thinking that *I* was thinking it was worse than it was, due to the lack of sleep and me hating being sick. (Note: I might be describing it as worse than it was. Yay, unreliable narrator.)

Got doctor's appointment. Was prescribed two different types of inhaler, since am apparently one of those people who occasionally gets asthma-like symptoms from a cold. For the rest of it: painkillers and hydration.

Finished day at work. I'd left a document partway through formatting when I headed out for the appointment, you see. It was just sitting there. Waiting. I *had* to go back.

Went home. Lay down on couch. Pizza and entertainment magically appeared in my vicinity. (I married a magician.) Garlic is great when you're sick. You can actually *taste* it, and eating becomes interesting again.

I'm sure I did something useful today outside of work... Sewing advice! Right. I found useful sewing advice to give to a newbie. And... I... *cudgels brain* ...read stuff. Discovered at 1:00 a.m. this morning that I don't actually have much to read when tired, drinking chamomile tea, and trying to fall asleep.[1] Eventually resorted to 1000 Wild Little Weird Tales, which worked relatively well.
[1] I have learned to *not* use the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies for this purpose. Also, no Tiptree. In fact, I think I have a moratorium on ever casually reading Tiptree. Sheldon. Whoever. Wonderful work. Not to be taken lightly. This is a tangent.


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