Saturday, February 16th, 2008 08:53 pm
I saw a ~5 minute vid on YouTube. It was the complete run of Doctor Who. Seriously. About a second per episode, but it started with "An Unearthly Child" and ran all the way through to at least Eight.

Can't find it now for love blood or money.


EDIT: Found!
Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 12:12 pm
I spent an hour up to my wrists in cold dead chicken last night.

An hour.

One hour.


In future, I may consider deboning chicken thighs. Never again chicken breasts. Certainly not four pounds of them. They have all those fiddly little ribs. Very bad.

Also, caught up on Torchwood. Think I am detecting a distinct recurring theme, but it's hard to tell--watching them all in a streak like that, it's possible to see patterns where there's just coincidences.

Beyond that, it's a slow day at work, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo is a wonderful thing, and I'm about to fire up "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance."
Saturday, December 29th, 2007 01:08 am
Have been watching The Adventures of Brisco County Junior. Highly engaging pulpy western with a dash of mad science. We're two-thirds of the way through the series, and the villainous John Bly[1] has just had his first final encounter with Brisco.[2]

Spoiler. )

Wait. Whut?

I mean, it's still a great series. It's a workable explanation for a couple of things. But it just came out of absolutely nowhere.

(And yes, I did make a kind of not-very-huge leap regarding villains in a steampunk Western. Bly's a little too polished, but looking at Billy Drago, he's not totally inappropriate for the role of Stone. Mind you, I am sadly not holding my breath for the movie.)
[1] Seriously, this guy is a *great* villain. He keeps giving off this weird Sunlight Gardener vibe; utterly deranged cool despotic preacher with a calling kind of thing.
[2] Professor Coles assures us there will be another. Have no idea if they got to that before the series ended.
Monday, November 19th, 2007 12:56 am
Today was Chapters "20% off" customer appreciation day.

They have Doctor Who boxed sets. I have seasons 1 and 27 and 28 (and given the contents, am utterly prepared to forgive the perpetual mislabelling of seasons that appears to have started this century).
"Oh, Grandfather, couldn't we stay a bit longer? The Thals are such nice people."
"And the Daleks are not. Which is more important, my child."
First impression: it's stunning how little the Daleks have changed since '63. Gotten more powerful, yes--I pity the poor bastard who tries to manhandle a Dalek onto a cloak in this day and age--but still ruthlessly survival-oriented and utterly without compassion. And the voices. Gyah. I've got it backwards--I saw them in Season 27 before I ever saw them in Season 1--but there's a certain giddy thrill of safe terror in watching them appear. I know what they are, and how bad they can be. They're the anti-life, the beast of judgement. They dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds...[1]

And I'm watching them meet the Doctor, and thinking it's the end of their golden age, such as it was. They don't know who he is. They don't fear the Oncoming Storm. They don't even know about the TARDIS.

Life on Skaro is about to change.[2]
[1] ...yes, I'm mangling Sandman.
[2] And referencing Fallout.
Sunday, November 18th, 2007 09:19 am
...what you notice when someone casually calls you over to take a quick look at something, and then gives you seven minutes of brand-new aired-last-night Doctor Who on the big-screen TV.

(If one was a geek, love might *also* be what one notices when Tennant looks at Davison and says "You were my Doctor."

(*If* one were a geek.

(Which one is not claiming to be.)

(I mean, to be a geek, one might have to--for example--feel a hint of getting teary at that point.)

The week-and-a-month until the Christmas Special is somehow a little easier to take, now, and I am feeling rather more kindly towards Ten, even though he's still not my Doctor.
Thursday, November 15th, 2007 05:39 pm
So. Sunday evening, I watched The Lost Room again. It's a TV mini-series, quiet little modern-day supernatural setting (horror? fantasy?), plot that I can't summarize ATM without spoilers. It starts with someone paying two million dollars for an unusual motel room key, I'll leave it at that.

Sunday evening, I also *ordered* a copy of The Lost Room, satisfying my conscience and picking up a decent mini-series in one fell blow. Amazon was just barely cheaper than having Chapters order it and going to pick it up in-store, so I shrugged at the estimated delivery date (December 13th or 14th), figured I wasn't going to get a serious craving to watch it again in less than a month, and called it good.

Apparently for Amazon, "November 15" is close enough to "December 13-14" for estimation purposes. Came home today to find it waiting in the mailbox. I am pleased.
Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 11:04 pm
First, I have begun watching The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.--it's hokey and occasionally a little stiff, but it's funny and has that oddly gentle/sweet mood that dashing heroics often evoke. I mean, it also has spoiler ), but I consider that to be an fairly essential element of heroism.

Second, I picked up Wolf's Complete Book of Terror from the library--purely on spec, just a case of a saffron-orange cloth-bound book where the spine was so scuffed that I only noticed the word "TERROR" and saw the little screamy-face icon the library uses--and it's great. (Anthology; the contents list is here, maybe two-thirds of the way down the page.) I've read about half of them before[1]; it's just nice to sit down with a heavy old book and quietly work through them.

Sadly, when I say "picked it up", I mean "borrowed it", not "bought it at Ex Libris". I need to buy a copy.
[1] I actually reread Boucher's "They Bite" about two days before I'd picked up the book. It was included in an anthology of stories based on real crimes--a short story by Abraham Lincoln, Ellison's "The Whimper of Whipped Dogs", etcetera--which was kind of interesting. Then I picked up Wolf's book, and it opened to the middle of "They Bite", again. I kept expecting a reference to show up someplace in a chat or post somewhere. You know how it is when you get several references to something, you start expecting another one...
Friday, October 26th, 2007 08:49 am
I have the partial lyric "Let's-- do-- the Time War-- agaaaaaain!" running through my head. You know, to the tune of the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I'm almost afraid to drink coffee. I'm not sure if that would banish the incipient earworm, or let me figure out the rest of the lyrics.
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 11:27 pm
So. Points of similarity:

Drug addiction.
Brilliant deductive capabilities.
Reams of specialized knowledge.
Unwinds playing a classical instrument.
Affable doctor sidekick.
Brusque and abrasive.
No, really. Brusque and abrasive.

...all jokes about House calls aside, I am guessing that perhaps the creator of the series intended for them to be a certain similarity between a House and a Holmes.
Friday, August 10th, 2007 12:53 pm
I'm working on a radical assumption here: to wit, if you are enough of a geek to recognize the Spearhead from Space reference, you have probably already heard about the episode of Doctor Who which came out two years ago. If you are not, then the reference is not itself a spoiler.
I finally saw the first episode of the twenty-seventh[1] season of Doctor Who last night, and I am weirdly happy with the parallels to the 1970 Spearhead from Space (which, I will note, are four out of the five episodes of the older series that I've seen--mostly I read what novels I could get my hands on. The fifth episode, IIRC, had something to do with Ace going feral). Introduction of a new Doctor, technically newer-and-more-polished compared to previous episodes, the same primary antagonist. It seems a little choppy compared to some of the current season, but WTH, first episode in years, finding their feet, all good.

I suspect some of the echoing was deliberate; Spearhead from Space caused a kafuffle about whether Doctor Who was too scary for children, and it seems like the kind of thing that might have stuck in older viewers' minds, something they saw thirty-five years ago and that had them hiding behind the sofa. Spoiler? Now with Warren Ellis quote! )

(I am trying to find a better description for the sonic screwdriver than "It's a phaser permanently set to 'useful'." Anyone? ...dear Christ, the thing has its own Wikipedia page.)

Watched the second episode ("Mosturize me!"), realized I'd already seen the third, and watched the fourth. I *think* I'd seen that one before, but couldn't remember anything--one of those cases where you recall vague concepts, and recognize some scenes as they happen, but don't know what's happening next.

Spoiler (Harriet Jones, Christmas Special 2005). Also, sentimentality. )

*shrugs, slightly embarrassed*

Heh. Fandom.
[1] The one available on DVD as the first season.
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 12:53 am
So, [ profile] kakkoi_hakujin walks up to me today and says "I hear you're a seamstress. I need a favour." And I put a shot of cinnamon whiskey in the Coke, because the scar from the last seamstressing hasn't gone away yet and I don't have my sewing machine handy and, you know, I'm passably good at it but still cringe when asked to do it for someone else in case I screw it up. But the drastic shortening and gentle tweaking of the jacket went well enough. Thread-fiddling may occur later.


Furthermore, I have decided that while I'm happy to read well-done dark and grim fiction with superheroes, I occasionally just want death-defying action and wonderful strange monsters and quips and a hero with style and grace and little bit of fencing skill. They'd never torture, they'd never lie, honour a promise if it meant they'd die... (Anyone recognize that without Googling it? Man, Wildberry coolers bring out my inner geek.) And you know, I started reading comic books for that. And I can't find it in comics anymore. They got serious sometime when I wasn't looking, and some of it's good, and a little of it's great, but it's not always what I want.

So I'm watching Doctor Who. Because I *will* have my dose of unabashed heroism,dammit.[1]

Speaking of which, Danny, this link's for you. Includes Daleks.


Also: I have discovered that I would like more webcomics to read. So... uhm... suggest a currently updating webcomic, and if I haven't seen it yet and like it, I'll draw you an icon or something? (Two if it updates exclusively on some combination of Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.)
[1] David Tennant is additional appeal.
Monday, July 23rd, 2007 06:45 pm
So, I was watching the 2005 Dr. Who Christmas Special. And it's funny and unselfconscious, but overall I am being a touch apprehensive about the general feeling that no-one can do anything about the incursion[1] without the Doctor.

And Rose Tyler and Harriet Jones (who I am rather liking) are dealing with the Sycorax (and while I want to say Mickey is too, he's written as more just there), vile anti-social alien beasties who have determined that since Rose arrived in the TARDIS, she is obviously worth listening to. And Rose, in an untenable position, steps forward to speak. Which is fine. But just before she does, there is a quick little squib of dialogue:
Mickey: Don't you dare.
Rose: Someone's got to be the Doctor.
Harriet: They'll kill you!
Rose: Never stopped him.
And dammit, I am just going to forgive this episode all its deus ex machina by the Doctor, because Rose clearly has no idea what she's doing, and it's probably not going to work, but she has something to try for. More, she has someone to try to emulate--hell, given the fluid nature of the Doctor, you can say she has someone to try to *be*.

(Total Christmas Special material, here.)

That the Doctor is coming across like a cross between Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Dick Van Dyke as Bert (in Mary Poppins). With this scatterbrained canniness.

...oh good god, I think he just started quoting The Lion King. I do love the "baffle them with bullshit" element.

...right. I have become a fangirl.

Hm. I'm now drawing correlations between the Doctor and (of all people) Jack the Ripper--as he's often seen, not who he was. Abstract ideals. People of fluid identity but defined goals. Icons. Blanks. There's something there I could follow up on... Archetypes, maybe. The Doctor as an archetype given variable flesh, walking and talking among mortal men. Variable face, variable personality, variable history if you want to read the occasional amnesia that way, and yet consistently the Doctor, perpetually Apollonian in effect, righting wrongs and thwarting monstrosities from one end of galactic time to the other. Because he *does* this.

(Viewing from behind the sofa is optional.)

EDIT: *Ow.* Okay. Retract the deus ex machina assessment. Also, the presence of the Doctor's teeth are duly noted.
[1] It's on Earth. I am actually suddenly not sure that there *are* any Dr. Who episodes set on Earth which don't involve an alien incursion, so I don't think it counts as a spoiler.
Monday, July 2nd, 2007 10:48 pm
So. Over the weekend, I've watched three or four Masters of Horror episodes. Generally, I would have to say "meh" (although it does occur to me that "I was married to a crazed survivalist" is an excellent WoD excuse to pick up Brawl, Melee, and Firearms without being a crazed survivalist yourself).

But overall, sadly, "meh". I confess to being especially disappointed with the "Pick Me Up" adaptation; Schow's story was a brutal little stab wound, and the movie was flatter than warm rootbeer.

Then I sat down and watched the "Blink" episode of Doctor Who.

Oh god so pleasantly creepy.
Thursday, August 31st, 2006 08:38 am
...coming home spacey and out-of-sync, having dinner made for you and getting a foot rub, and curling up (along with cats) to watch two episodes of Deadwood.

I have seen some of my e-mail. I have not checked it in any meaningful fashion.

I will not be in Toronto for the horror convention this weekend, and I can actually live with that, though it pains me slightly.

Life continues. Calls and arrangements must be made.

And there is nothing like watching crows play "whee, I am a kite" and cawing happily as they hover in midair, bouncing up and down in the wind coming in off the sea.

(ObHearstRef: That bastard. How *dare* he beat up everyone's favourite racketeer / pimp / uhm, can you call Swearengen a crime lord? / look, I have *no* idea why he's so likeable. None. It's not even a cheesy sleazy kind of liking the character the way it is with the Grey Mouser.)
Sunday, August 13th, 2006 06:18 pm
I find it absolutely amazing how a season whose final episode involves the death of about eight-and-a-half characters can be such a complete non-downer.

Finally. Fucking *finally*.

(Is it just me, or is E.B.'s health really going straight to hell in the last few episodes? And would *someone* please teach him to use an inside voice? I did not need to see him parting those leather lips, and I *really* did not need to see the tongue action. At all. Sweet lord.)

Tomorrow, season three.

Also, I cannot think of a better TV or movie example of how a sustainable, sensible Blood Bond should be played than Dan Dority. I really can't. None of that weepy half-assed poutingly-self-destructive passive-aggressive sabotaging bullshit, just loyalty and devotion without sacrificing selfhood, down to and right through the bones.
Saturday, August 12th, 2006 05:06 pm
The lead singer of Axxis sounds like E. B. Farnum (I'm not even going to say William Sanderson; I can't place the actor from anywhere else, and have no idea how much of the character's speech is Deadwood-specific). This would not be nearly so disturbing--or perhaps even noticeable--if I had not just finished watching all but the last episode of season two of Deadwood.

As is, the Axxis cover of "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" is producing some truly awful mental images.

Coloured lights. Microphones. That terrible powder-blue suit.

Trixie -> heart of fucking gold.

Furthermore, cannot really find a basis to deny [ profile] theweaselking's hypothesis that Cy Tolliver is the devil.

(Also, [ profile] eididdy, you are correct. Richardson is awesome.)
Friday, August 11th, 2006 07:35 am
I must be tired. I was doing my morning Googling of random thoughts, and read "pages from Canada" as "pages about Cthulhu" for a split second.

I'm glad it's Friday. But it's a sort of generic end-of-the-week glad, not an I-will-weep-if-I-spend-another-day-with-my-coworkers glad. I'd forgotten what it was like to not dread going to work. Feels good.

Lovecraft wrote poetry. It's not bad, though I will be shot if I can figure out the meter sense of "The City".

'parently alumni are traditionally entitled to be married on the grounds of their University. Useful to know.

I got into a discussion with someone from work yesterday. She asked me who my favourite writer was, and when I managed to get it down to a shortlist of three, asked why Bradbury was my first pick--very fast, the name hardly out of my mouth. (Come to think of it, of the two university students I have met in the last week, both were prone to that, though Urusla interrupted slightly more.) How do you explain why you like Bradbury to someone? It's *Bradbury*, dear god. I'm not even going to try explaining Lovecraft.

Three sessions of Deadwood last night. Halfway through the second season, and starting to worry about what happens when it runs out.
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 11:49 pm
No single preferred line this time, but Calamity and Trixie drinking and ranting at each other was priceless.

Watching the doc work, I just wanted to pick up Toby and cuddle him.

Joanie loses her polish when she's angry.

I need a zombie cowboy icon. Sadly, this would require ditching one of my existing icons. In the meantime, the Judge Dredd snowman will suffice.
Monday, August 7th, 2006 12:09 am
We are now in possession of the season 1 and season 2 boxed sets of Deadwood. Have seen episodes 1 and 2 of season 2. Best lines, I think, are Al's and Sol's, respectively:
"Welcome to fucking Deadwood!"

"...dulled faculties...!"
Apparently Calamity's my favourite character, a fact which dawned on me when I saw her reappearance and cheered.

Can hardly believe I only started watching it last Friday.
Saturday, July 29th, 2006 01:10 am
Started watching /Deadwood/ tonight; I expected a pleasant way to spend time with John, mellow unwinding after a lazy dinner and mop-up errands. I thought it would be something interesting. Warren Ellis said good things about it, and while I do feel the man is cracked when it comes to /The Mummy/, I generally have a high opinion of his writing.[1] So. Watched the first episode.

Watched the second.

Watched the third.

Absolutely must wind down and fall over now, or I would be watching the fourth.

The characters. Dear god, the characters. And the set-ups and the interaction and the dialogue that doesn't drop completely needless expository lumps. I was expecting... I don't know, some kind of well-plotted Western with name-dropping. Something that didn't insult my intelligence and could be geeked over, clipped down or sliced up into short-hour segments.

It's more and better than that. It's got a coherency I didn't expect, and I want to sit down and watch the character interaction and take notes except I can't stay detached enough to write when I could be watching.

...dammit, it's late and I'm going to stop before I start using the word "epic". But yeah. Really, really impressed.
[1] By which I mean that if he died, I would find myself giving a depressing amount of consideration to the completely unacceptable idea of cracking open his skull and sucking down his brainmeats in the hopes of acquiring some measure of his skill.